Sunday, April 6, 2008

Should I bring this canvas back??

So, I created this canvas a long time ago, before TinkerDot Designs was even official. It was actually my very first piece sold when I started Ebay. Very exciting...and for way too cheap. Anyway, I simply LOVED it.....but have not painted another one since. My question is...should I bring this back and make it an "always available" item through TinkerDot Designs? I think I will try some different colors and more detail next time...also make one for one of my girls' rooms so I can keep it! Thank you ahead of time for your input on this:)

Here are pics of a few wall letter orders I finished this past week. They both turned out very cute, however, my camera just doesn't capture the best of them. Humm...I'm thinking I really need to get my sister, Melinda, to take pics of all of my items before I ship them out since she is a photograper. Melinda....can I just snap my fingers and you can come over whenever I need you? Great. Thanks.
PS. I'll be snapping them next week sometime so get ready.
I should mention that all of my wall letters are custom created to match a room, so if you are looking for a great gift...check out my site for more examples!


Melinda Ann said...

Yes, bring that canvas back! I have said that before though I just love it!!! Also, the Emma wall letters are amazing colors and makes me want to paint a room those colors....... hmm.......j/k haha

Bonghi Vestiti said...

I love it!!! Yes bring it back...I think it's worth a try :)

Kim said...

Yes I agree bring it back! I loved it then and I still do.