Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finally...I'm back!! (cheering ensues)

Well, it's been a long 'break' and of course I didn't get nearly the ideas on canvas that I wanted to. I did, however, get some well spent children and hubby time. I have to admit..I'm a little hesitant to give my evenings back to painting completely, but at the same time..excited :)

Michelle, my sister, has been asking me to create her a canvas for.ev.er and I finally got it done! woo hoo! She gave me free reign and I ran with it. I hope she loves it and I hope you do too! While this one is clearly 'taken', I will be painting more and taking custom order requests for this canvas because I loved creating it so much. It is a mixed medium piece made with acrylic paints and scrapbook papers that are decoupaged on. There will be a tough sealant over top as well. This exact size is 16x20, which is $75. The rest of my custom prices can be found on my site, under 'custom orders'.


On another exciting note, my sister, Melinda, is due to give birth to a baby girl on May 21st! She is already dialated to 1 and having some contractions, so I am betting she will be having her by Mother's Day. I CANNOT wait to meet you little L!



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Melinda Ann said...

I just LOVE this canvas! When do I get a new one??? Leighton's didn't count did it? lol Don and I need one for our bedroom!!!! Do anything you like! As always! xoxo