Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Finally...I'm blogging ;)

Okay, really....I am embarrassed at my lack of blog, I'm just getting that out there. I realize it has been ages. Anyway, lots of things going on in my life!

In my TinkerDot Designs world:

I have been plugging away at orders and trying to keep up. I decided to be crazy and in honor of Mother's Day offered a BOGO sale...and woah...did I get a response!! It was awesome!! However, I am sorry to say it put my behind in my timeline. So, thank you ...thank you..for your patience :)

I have NEW items...MAGNETS!! So far, I have only had 2 of my pieces printed in magnet form. They are for sale in my Etsy shop NOW and ready to ship. YAY!
I do plan on offering other pieces in magnet stay tuned to see what they will be!

In my Mommy, wife, sister, daughter, etc. etc. etc. world

Just this Memorial Day weekend, we went up north to visit my sister, brother in-law and adorable niece for her ONE year birthday!! Can't believe she's already that big :

It was wonderful to spend time away from home and actually take a break from painting every night. I honestly love it, but like everyone else, need some down time every now and then.
My sister, who is an AMAZING photographer, did a random photo shoot with my girls at 8:30 pm lol. They were crazy (per usual), but it was fun and I am always amazed at the shots she gets when you think there is no way anything fabulous could come out of it!

There are plenty more, and if you want to see them...check out my sister's FB fan page of Melinda Ann Photography. If you live in MI, be sure to become a fan...she posts giveaways and other awesome things there first!
I do have another world that consumes probably the most of my time, which is my full-time career at the American Cancer Society. Lots of things happening here, including a promotion to Associate Director, which I am excited about!

Also, my family and I have a team for the Relay For Life of Davison. I have lost many family members, namely my wonderful Aunt K-K. It is her birthday today and I sure wish she was here to celebrate it....

I will do another post soon about this event and how you can help give back, either to my team, or by getting involved in a local event near you. If you are interested in donating, please visit my website. Every dollar counts!! Thank you so much :)

ALSO....I am listing some NEW prints of my 'Best Place on Earth' piece by tomorrow on Etsy!! To be the first to know, be sure to become a fan of TinkerDot Designs on FB!!


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Chef Ruby said...

Jenni- I forgot to tell you sooner, congrats on the promotion! You are awesome!