Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My first blog!

Hi there! Well, I'm new to this, but very excited about it!
I have very little time with 2 beautiful girls (3 and 1), a full time career, and my passion...TinkerDot Designs, however, I am on the computer often and love to "talk", so I'll keep up on this as much as I can.
While there are many artists out there who are very talented and can create a great product, I want your experience with TinkerDot Designs to be personal. I want you to know the person who is creating your unique and special piece for your child,niece, nephew, friend, loved child, etc. I put my whole heart into each piece I create, and in order to let your personal touch come through...I want to get to know you too!
I'll probably update my random thoughts on here....randomly....
I also LOVE quotes, so I'll try to post those frequently. I will be incorporating a lot more quotes and fun saying from my oldest daughter, Grace, into my art very soon. I love the ideas in my head...I just need to get them out!
"Life doesn't always turn out the way we expected, it turns out the way it was intended" -unknown

Have a fabulous day!

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Melinda Ann Photography said...

Good for you!!!!

I just did my 2nd blog! Also, I never recieved your comment on mine... hmmm......I think you lied!