Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March is a crazy and exciting month!

So..I am already wishing I would update this more, but then I got to thinking...it's probably going to end up being my own personal journal because I'm not quite sure how many people are actually going to read this! haha! But, that's okay...I like to talk myself through things anyway. I do it at work (my 'real' job...aka...the one I make real money at) all the time!

March has just started, but I'm already feeling short of breath....
my hubby's 30th birthday is this weekend (SURPRISE! )...don't worry..i'm not ruining anything..he is not reading this. He hears me talk enough..:)
Then the very next weekend is my little Lydee's 1st birthday party! I can't believe she is one already..wow how time flies.
The next weekend is grandparents 50th wedding anniversary party. I am putting together a Shutterfly book for them titled "All because two people fell in love"...can't wait!
Needless to say, this month is busy!
Another busy part, but yet so nice...is that Daffodil Days (a fundraiser I manage) is this month. It brings such a great sign of spring and HOPE for a world free of cancer..I just love it! Visit http://www.cancer.org for more info.!

Back to Lydia's birthday party...I orderd the most adorable little skirt from a seller on Etsy.com and I can't wait to get it!! It has me so inpsired to create more art. It is paisley print, which If I haven't mentioned..is one of my favorites!! I will post pics of her wearing it after her party (March 15).

Well, have to get to work. Happy early March everyone!

"It's never too late to be what you might have been" -unknown



Melinda Ann Photography said...

I feel the same way about my blog. That I should write in it more, but then I'm like Hmm.....who is reading this?? haha Great job sister!

Bonghi Vestiti said...

Hi Jenni...I can't wait to see!!! :) ;)