Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Diamonds are a girls best friend you know...

Wow! Where has the time gone! it's been over a week since i have blogged. has anyone even noticed? lol ...oh well..

i also decided (just now) that i am going to write in all lowercase this time because it is a heck of a lot faster and more fun right now..k? great. thanks.

well, the title of my blog is dedicated to wendy who purchased a custom mirror from me on my etsy site , and asked that it be painted in purple diamonds instead of stripes. i thought that was a great this is what i ended up coming up with for her. i think it turned out very cute and i sure hope she loves it (just shipped yesterday).
thank you, wendy, for the new idea on the mirror. it was fun and you were wonderful to work with!

Also, if you haven't looked at it yet, please visit my sister's blog, Melinda Ann Photography, because my Grace went to stay with her this past weekend (she lives 3 hours away) and there is a great story on her blog about something she said. leave it to Grace (and most kids) to say the most hilarious thing, but be completely straight faced and serious about it. they have no shame...i love it.

So, while she was gone ALL weekend...we were really missing her by sunday. however, dave, lydia and i had a great weekend together. it was soo cute because dave and lydia don't get much one on one time, but they did this weekend. he took her outside to play and there was a moment when i saw her head walk by the window...i looked out and she was riding on his shoulders with the biggest smile ever. she was in daddy daughter heaven, and so was i. my heart skipped and i was reminded at how blessed i am to have a wonderful husband and 2 happy, healthy little girls. i love my life :)

have a stupendous rest of the week (because lord knows i won't be blogging again until at least friday...)

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