Friday, May 2, 2008

My sister is amazing!

Okay, so for those that don't sister, Melinda, is a photographer. And, in case you didn't see my title for this blog...she is AMAZING!
So, last week, she was on a trip home (she lives 3 hours away) and she called me to say "I'm stopping at your house and I have this great idea for a pic of the girls...get them ready...they are going to take a bath in the sink!" What?!! umm...okay.
yep! That's my kitchen folks! I love it, but let me tell you...if she would have taken a pic of the what the rest looked would have laughed. pretty loud.
I love this one! She had written somewhere that she hopes this is a pic they both have in their houses when they are older and I couldn't agree more. I'm sure they will (I will frame it for them and give it to them...just to make sure :)).
I also had to put in some pics she took of Grace while Grace was visiting her a few weekends ago.
So....if you live in Michigan...look her up! It is so worth it! Melinda Ann Photography. my sister. pure talent. love her :)


Melinda Ann said...

Awww thanks SEEEESTER! If only I would blog as much as you did. :-D hee hee I am glad that people are happy with my crazy ideas. YEAH!

Bonghi Vestiti said...

OH MY GOSH!!! That is creative....another winner you have here!!
(how are ya Jenni??)