Thursday, July 3, 2008

What a beautiful break :)

Haven't blogged in a while (what's new. i know). i have been off work since Monday and what a fabulous week it has been :) I am currently writing from my deck (just built last week) sitting in the sun with my husband while he sips on his new drink (a silver sunset), which he seems to think is the new big summer drink. haha. he is so funny. we are going on a boat trip on July 17th and he is trying a bunch of drink recipes so that he can bring the best and most fun summer drink to the boat trip. He's always trying (usually successfully) to be the life of the party and the guy who everyone has fun with. He usually is ya babe :) I like the drink, but I think I'd rather kick back with a cold beer. mmmm...yeah. a cold beer.
Our kiddos went up north for 3 days with my in-laws (god bless them). We feel like we are newlyweds again with noone and nothing to worry about but whatever we want to do. It is so wonderful. Not that we don't love the kids. By Saturday, we will be missing them terribly.
Let me set the mood some more..we are listening to Jack Johnson. nice. i love this day :)
No pics to put up. I am excited to paint a new canvas that has been in my head for months and months. it's about lydia and having enough love for a second child. i think i will paint it tonight or tomorrow. since, hey. i can do what i want right now. when did i say my kids were coming back again?

also. i am jealous of my sister because she is going to chicago this weekend for a wedding and while she is there she is visiting the apple store to buy a new laptop. so cool.
oh, another update. i found a great woman named Renee on etsy ( who is creating a whole new image for TinkerDot Designs. she created the banner you see above, and is currently working on a logo and biz card for me. yay!!!

Have a fabulous Holiday weekend folks! I'll be living it up in my childless, no responsibility world, ....until saturday :)


Leslie~Carter's Mom & LesChic Jewelry Designer said...

Love the new banner! Your kids are so cute! Enjoy your weekend :)

Melinda Ann said...

Super duper cool new banner - from your macbook-less sister.... boo to rational thinking husbands.

love ya

Rachel O'Mara said...

Hi Jenni, I am so glad you found my blog :) Now we can be blog friends!! Grace & Lydia are such beautiful little girls and how lucky are they to have a hole-in-one-sinking Daddy . . . tell Dave Congrats. Oh wait, I'll tell him because we leave for the boat trip on Wednesday, YEAH!!!! See you soon.