Monday, August 25, 2008

YAY! I'm featured on another blog!

Oh come would be excited too and you know it. hehe

So, just got home at about 2 pm today from Colorado. We were supposed to get in last night, but after our arrival in Dallas for our layover...we found out our flight to MI was cancelled! ahh! oh well...complaining over.
We stayed at a resort in Keyston for a friends wedding, and also visited Denver for a night to visit friends from college. It was soooo much fun and just absolutely beautiful. I will post pics very soon and talk in more detail about it.

For now, I wanted to quickly post about an e-mail I received while I was away. Debbie, a fabulous person, who ordered the "Sister Canvas" from me a while back wrote me to tell me she and some creative friends of hers who publish a blog site featured my canvas on their site! yay! yay! yay! How exciting. Read about it at The Girlfriends Manor, and please be sure to leave a comment! Thank you :) Photobucket

I also LOVE this canvas and obviously, sisters, as well. They are the best!

Off to play with Grace...I missed them SOOOO much! Lydia would not let go of me, it was just precious. She is napping now, and I really need to wake her up if I ever want to go to bed tonight :)

Until later....

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