Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mackinac Island wedding

This past weekend, we enjoyed attending our friend's, Brian and Katie, wedding. As you can see from the heading, it was on Mackinac Island. It was absolutely gorgeous!! Alhtough I don't have any pics of the bride and groom, you can check out my friend Rachel's blog to see them because she was there too!
Here are some pics of Dave and I looking great in our wedding gear :) PS. I was in love with my dress and shoes (you can't see them in the pic though!), and can't wait to wear them again to a different function. Also, I think my hubby looks super hip and studly. haha



This is my dear friend, Elizabeth. We spent way too long shopping for our dresses and planning for this weekend. haha.. But, we had a great time!

Here we are getting ready to catch the ferry home. Dave is smiling, but really...he wants to be sleeping cause he had a bad case of the brown bottle flu :)



Rachel said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures, Jenni. You and Dave look amazing, and YES, your dress and shoes rocked!!!!

Melinda Ann said...

OH my gosh that is the BEST picture of you and Dave....the first one! I love it! :-D
Glad you had fun and yes I agree you two did look smokin hot!

Megan Rogers said...

How on earth do you know Elizabeth Baker??? She was my freshman biology teacher and quite possibly one of my biggest influences in high school :) Such a small world!!!