Friday, September 18, 2009

It's hard to explain. this love for a child

'It's hard to explain. this love for a child.
It's like if I stare too long my heart might just burst.
I can't believe you are part of me. This tiny miracle.
I want to show you the world, but I'm scared.
I want you to do it all, feel it all, love it all.
I want to keep you in a bubble.
Your tiny little feet, your angel eyes, your innocence.
I can't wait to watch you grow.
No. No. I want to hold you like this forever.
Butterly kisses and bear hugs.
I love you too much.
It's hard to explain. this love for a child.'

~J. Beamer




I hope you enjoy my latest piece as much as I do. I will be creating these as custom orders in custom colors, as well as some that will be 'ready to ship'! Size is 12x12 and will be selling for $45.

Happy Sunday funday :)

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Rachel said...

Aww, LOVE it Jenni!