Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I love the Holidays!

It's been a busy month for TinkerDot Designs and for the Beamer Family :) We had an awesome Christmas!!! I am so happy that we all got to enjoy time together. Unfortunately, I don't have many pics because I was video taping every moment. I'm super excited about that though.
So, here are some fun pics of some Christmas memories from the Beamer's.
We got a REAL tree this year! Dave and Grace went out to get it. He cut the top of a tree off...it is HUGE! Also, Grace changes her clothes at least 5 x a day, and she apparently thinks we live in California. lol
Lydia is a seriously goofy kid. Seriously.
Aunt Aleece (my sis on the right) and Suzie came over to make cookies with the girls whild Daddy struggles with the tree some more :) Love them :)
On Christmas Eve, we had a visitor at our house!!!! The kids were SOOO excited and in awe. Pictured here: Leighton (my niece), Lydia, Gavin (my bro), Hannah (cousin), Grace, and Ella (cousin).
I love that Leighton is sitting like a big girl!
Me and my girls Christmas Day at Grandpa Duane's house
Daddy and Grace baking cupcakes with her new cupcake/brownie maker. She was SOOO excited that Santa brought this for her because she surely recalls her mommy telling her she couldn't have it because it was for 8+. haha. Gotta pull out all the moves on Target shopping trips :)

I hope you all had a fabulous Holiday!! I am truly looking forward to 2010...every year just keeps getting better. I could not be more blessed :)


Jewllori by Lori said...

HI Jenni! Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas, the tree was gorgeous!

Yes I pulled a few of those "I think you're too little" moves this year too...I won't get to do that much more, they're going to figure me out!

Have a Happy new Year!

SumSum said...

umm, so you found my blog that i started and did not start...could you maybe be a damn follower then...for the love of God jenni if I can't rely on my family to be my fans then what do i have then??? i made a new post...read and pass me around like an STD...i'm really going to do this and get practice for my book...also, have i ever shared with you the anxiety i get everytime i have to spell your name? is it one n, is it two, is it just an i or isn't it...i always check it and then recheck it, thanks for adding to my mental illness...p.s. i have no clue what I'm doing with this blog, i need a mentor (you available?)