Thursday, January 14, 2010

My cousin is funny

My lovely cousin, Summer, is seriously, hands down, the funniest person I know. Her witt, sense of comedic timing, and sarcasm are the best! She is also a great writer and mother of 2 crazy boys who I never get to see (we live a town over and still don't make time to get together. boo).

This is why I was happy to see that she has started a blog! So, if you would like to laugh and get an inside look at someone you likely don't even know...follow her blog!! You know you want to. Check it out at Sum of this, Sum of that.

Cheers to you, Summer! Now hopefully soon you will not just be writing to me, your only devoted follower :)


1 comment:

SumSum said...

I have been saying this same stuff for years! Finally, someone else who sees the greatness I have for the past 32 years, err, I mean 25 years...
love you and this least with Melinda. :)
Don't worry other TinkerDot followers maybe I'll start making play doh crafts and sell them on'll like me then won't you, WON'T YOU!?!