Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lydia loves summertime....and ....dirt :)

Quick post, but i just had to put some updated pics of my little Lydia..who is..growing up!! She is getting so big. Her newest word is "Wow!" and she says it for everything. It is too cute. She is saying it in the picture below.
Yes, the other You may say "you let your child eat dirt!" Well...yes.yes I did. just for the moment so that I could take the picture and then I promise I wiped it out of her mouth and took her in to get a drink. lol
I have to get back to painting, but I will post again in a few days of the new creations I have been working on..yay!
Until then, keep smiling :)



1 comment:

Bonghi Vestiti said...

HAHAHAHA!! A little dirt never hurt anyone! My kids use to do that and they are just fine :)
Toooooo cute!!!