Saturday, July 26, 2008

A few new custom pieces

I'm always busy working on orders, but here are a few custom pieces I recently finished.
The fairy canavs is 24x36 and was created to match the bedding line Pixie Chix. The parents wanted to buy this for her birthday. I hope she loves it! Her party is today, so we'll see :)
These next canvases are for a family here in my area that I am helping to re-design his entire room. I have refinished his headboard and footboard to match his desk and nightstand, created these canvases to go above his bed, and created a photo wall which includes some refinished photo cubes that match the furniture. I will be delivering them on Aug. 8 and will post pics of the entire room after that. Check back! If you can't see it, the dots on the monogram canvas are little soccer balls and baseballs (it's obvious that is what he plays :)

Wow 2 posts in 2 days!! I'm on a serious roll!

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Melinda Ann said...

Looks good!!!!!!!

I just posted a comment on the Woolman blog for you to enjoy.... umm.... it is the one about Jenna getting into the trash......hilarious! hahaha