Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dave wants to be a mountain man, and I want to get married again. him. to him. I want to get married again to Dave, geeze... lol

Finally!!! I am posting pics from our trip to Colorado this past weekend. We went there for our friends, Joe and Jodi's wedding. I have known Joe since kindergarten and we met Jodi in college at MSU (Go State!). This is also where Joe met her :)
Anyway, the wedding was in Keystone at a resort, and it was more perfect than perfect. I am certain it made every married person there want to get married again, and those that are not married now know exactly how they want their wedding to be. yep. that good.

One of the days we were there, we took a lift up the mountain. Dave and I were both a little nervous because the elevation change of Keystone is 9,300 ft. above sea level, which is a ridiculous change from MI. Let me tell you. Elevation does not like me. or dave. Makes you nautious, my legs and feet lost feeling, dizzy, headache. ..killer. So, the idea of going up further to 11,500 ft. was not appealing at first. But...we did it. It wasnt' that bad, and it was a great view..even though it was about to storm.
These are friends, Micki and Marissa. We had so much fun!
Here is a shot of Dave and I before we caught the bus to the wedding. Yay for my new black dress!

Another great thing about the trip was that other friends from college live in Denver and we were able to go spend a day and night with them as well. Great fun!

So, as I have said before...Dave and I have been completely spoiled this summer. We have really spent a lot of time together, taken trips, and had great fun. We are definitely feeling like bad parents though because we haven't taken many trips or done a lot of fun things with the girls. However, for our last trip of the summer...we are going up north for Labor Day weekend with the girls. I'm so excited! The girls are going to have so much fun! I will be sure to post pics as soon as we return.
ahh...then it's back to total reality. Dave's back to school and work is getting busier and busier for me. yay! (ughh.) i mean..yay! hehe

Oh yeah..and Dave wants to move to Colorado now..hence the wanting to be a mountain man thing.


Rachel O'Mara said...

Wow! You two look GREAT, I LOVE your black dress!! Sounds like a fun trip.

Leslie aka Carters Mom and LesChic Jewelry Designer said...

I can see why you went back to get this dress! You look fabulous! And so is the scenery..I love the west!

Michelle said...

hot mama! You look awesome, I wish I could fit into you're clothes, but unfortunately I grew out of the BabyGap. hahaha Jk! No but seriously, looking good. Im glad you had fun in Colorado...I've always wanted to make a trip, maybe Dave and I should go together!