Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'M ALIVE! to bring you the cutest pics ever

Wow...It's not like I'm a daily or weekly blogger for that matter, but months?! months?! I am a little lame.
I will actually be posting a few times this will be with things I have been busy at TinkerDot with.
But, for now, I have the most beautiful pics to share!!! (Okay, so I'm a little biased because they are MY kids and MY sister took them). But, i'm sure you will agree they are amazing. My sister's site is Melinda Ann Photography, and it's a new and improved 'blogsite'. very cool.
Also, the red hat in the photos is made by Nuxiemade on Etsy...head over there and check out all the amazing colors, sizes and varieties. These pics are even used on Nuxie's website to sell the hats. Grace is officially a model! (or that's what I say. hehe).
Enjoy and I'll be back this week with some pics of a canvas I did for Melinda's dining room. We trade talents. She does my pics and I paint things for's perfect :) So, I am excited to share this canvas with you since it is very different from anything I do considering it is not for a child's room. Check back soon!


Rachel said...

Thanks, Jenni, I like that perspective! The new pics are GORGEOUS,love, love, love them!

Bonghi Vestiti said...

Hi Jenni!
What a beautiful family!
I'm getting settled in (we moved)...I did do a new blog post and hope to be back on Etsy soon...miss our chatting...Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Monica said...

The picture of Grace in the red hat is AWESOME! She looks like a doll. Perfect.