Sunday, December 28, 2008


I hope everyone had a fabulous Holiday!

We had such a blessed Christmas this year. The girls had so much fun and were so excited about everything (although our house is overflowing)! Daddy was mostly excited about their MSU warm-ups that Santa brought along with the basketball hoop. As always, Go State!


It was a little sad though because my mom, who lives in Arizona, was not able to come home to MI for Christmas. We haven't seen her since September. I hope she can find a job here and move home soon :) We also missed sharing Christmas with my sisters Aleece and Michelle. But I'm excited to see them soon and have lots of fun!

Another big jump..Lydia has a new big girl twin bed already..woah! And..she has slept in it since Christmas night. I will take pics of her room soon and put them up.
But, first I have to clean the remains from the toy tornado that went through it...


Hope everyone has a fabulous New Year's Eve!
I'll post again soon :)

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Bonghi Vestiti said...

Oh my how they are growing..and that pic just could not be any cuter! We too have a full (new) house. The baby is so busy and is quite the entertainer ;)
I have missed out chatting..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!